Freebies : Non-Transparent Vintage Header
Written by : hamizashuhada on Sunday, 16 March 2014 | 05:36 | 1 comments

Assalamualaikum and hai ,

This might be my last post for this month.Maybe lah kan , I'm not so sure hehe but maybe because after this I'll be busy with my real life , and I might have no time to update anything. Yeah one of the reason is actually the upcoming SPM results that will be out next Thursday , Mac 20 , 2013 . Pray for me guys ! Then the next day I'll be going to Kelantan for about four days.Its my uncle's wedding anyway.

Talking about this freebies , I owe a few people for their cute images and quotes. The first three headers kawaii images are taken from mazni . The same goes to the flying balloons png. Some of the quotes are taken from cutesecrets and some are mine. The rest of the images are taken randomly from uncle google. Thank  you .

Okay , so lets take a look at these beautiful (?) and cute (?) vintage headers that I've made specially for you. As always,it's free for everyone but PLEASE leave your comment if you're taking it okay ? AND RE-FREEBIES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

* If you are a directioner , then you should take a look at my special 1D version header . Its free for everybody too !!

P/S : Nak bajet omputih jap,jangan marah ! :D #PrayforMH370 #Prayforbatch96


This is a cody simpson version header requested by syazwien jaapar . Actually its been a while since I last taking any request but since I'm quite free now and might be busy for next week , so nah , ni dia header cody simpson khas untuk adik. Tak tahulah design dia menepati citarasa adik ke tak , tapi akak tak transparentkan header ni . Hope you like it !

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I took one of your header sis :)


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