Final exam vs sem break
Written by : hamizashuhada on Tuesday, 12 May 2015 | 11:06 | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum and hi.

Its been a while since I last posted anything kan ? Been very busy sampai nak jenguk blog pun tak ada peluang. Sekarang kebetulan tengah gap 3 days before I have to sit for the second paper untuk finals kali ni which is....... statistics. Yea statistics ni kind of add math punya adik beradik lah, well I think it is wayyyyyy easier than add maths kot ? Tadi baru je habis first paper which is accounts and all I can say is; all is well. Inshaallah.

And I am really looking forward to our sem break this end of May ! Dah fikir macam-macam benda nak buat and one of them is nak re-decorate balik bilik sobs. I'm thinking of nak cat dinding bilik tu warna dark purple , well not really dark tapi boleh kira gelap jugalah. Tapi mama cakap nanti bilik gelap sangat pula T__________T But I like darkness ha ha. Boleh tidur dengan aman damai lol kidding. Lepas tu nak cuci/print gambar for the past few years yang lawa-lawa tu and masuk dalam paper frame that I bought like 4 months ago kat MR.DIY. And I need a new bed sheet + comforter ( dont worry I have save some money for that haha ) and of course a mini box or what to put all the books that I bought using BB1M last month , ke last two months I dont remember.

Anyway, exchange link are open now ! If you are interested, just leave me a message on cbox and I will pay you a visit soon. Plus, I might be changing my blogskin in a few day, so till then, wassalam.

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