3 best moments of 2015
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Assalamualaikum, hi !

Since today is the last day of 2k15, I'm going to list five best things that happened to me in this year. Frankly speaking, 2015 has been the hardest year for me, mentally. One hard day passes and another hardship comes, continuously, But as long as we keep moving on, you can deal with everything. Time passes anyways.

So, yah the 3  best moments in 2015 are........


I am not the kind of person who usually hangs out at this kind of place. I kinda love a food-hunting kinda date. Haha, but since this was an assignment that need to be participated by everyone in the group, I joined. This may be something that some of you usually do, - going to the theme/water park during weekends. But not to me. I prefer going to the beach since it gives me calm and have that kind of chilly feeling. So thinking about it again, I cant believe how excited I were about this trip. Probably because of my sisters ( my college best friends ).
We rode almost every rides there, recorded some awesome videos, took a lotssssss of selfies, played around in the water and ate steamboat on our way back home. What could be better than a day full of fun with your sisters ?

2.HARI RAYA '15 ( AUGUST '15 ) * I think.

I think raya 2015 was among the best hari raya (s?) I ever had in my life. Maybe because of Cimi. Before this, we celebrated raya with 4 family members. And now we are a family of five ! Cimi is a blessing, I must say. He cheer up the whole family with his silly actions. I couldn't love him more. But thats not the only reason why I choose raya 2015 as one of the best moment in 2015. The best part is I still got duit raya from every one that I met. Haha ! It feels awkward at first because I personally think that I'm old enough to deserve any duit raya ( except from my parents, thats a must lol ) but the elderly keeps on calling me and gave me the money envelope. Whats good was that I even got much more duit raya than my younger brothers kahkah !


Getting into Dean's List is one of my wish since I registered for college. And I'm glad I made it ! I think this is the only way to make my parents happy ( put aside the fact that this can reduce the total of dept I have to pay back to MARA , lol ). Talking about this, Anis & I have been excitedly waiting for this event. We kept wondering " bila lah majlis anugerah dekan ni huhu " . Until this one morning we saw a banner about Dean's List Night hung at the college. We got all excited when we knew that the theme was pastel color and thought that its gonna be easy to find suitable attire. But apparently we were wrong. Dead wrong. I remembered this weekend when we both when to look for clothes with our families, I kept texting Anis saying that I cant find a suitable dress and Anis told me the same thing. I was so stressed out and started thinking ' takpelah kalau takde beli jelah apa-apa yang warna pastel.' I was thinking of buying dress sebenarnya, I even found this one dress that are really beautiful and the price was around 99MYR. Even Mama gave her permission to buy that freaking dress, but I realized the only dress with my size were pathetically dirtied by this kind of black greasy oil ugh. So I gave up on that dress and decided to just went with a pair of modern baju kurung.

Back to Anis, she bought a pair of baju kurung too and her baju kurung kinda looks like mine. Its just that hers was totally plain and mine was with songket. I dont usually wear songket because its kind of too luxurious for someone like to to wear. But screw that, I dont have any other choices. 3 days before the event, I remembered we think so hard whether we should wear high heels or not. Ok I called every high-heeled shoes high heels, I dont care if its gladiator, wedges, kitten heels bla bla, We were afraid that something embarrassing will happen if we wear our heels ( eg: Jatuh tergolek atas pentas / terpelecok masa nak naik pentas - well you know that kind of thing happens ).

Then, daaaaaaa its the day ! We finished class at 3pm and we must get to the hall by 6.30pm. After wearing our baju kurung (s) I did some make up for Anis and my self. Its kinda awkward to walk together with heels because we usually wear either flat sandals or sneakers. We even have similar Vans sneakers with different colors haha, To motivate each other we kept praising how good we looked like ya I know its annoying but who cares haha.

All I could say is that the event was okay. Better than okay. But one thing that make me frustrated even until now is that the lighting in the hall was really poor we cant get any good selfies. As for our 3rd semester ( 0715 session ) we decided that we are not going to the DL's event. But we'll see ! Haha.

Okay thats my version of 3 best moments in 2015. Whats yours ? Till then, happy new year ! Spread the good vibe xoxo

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