Does expectation really leads to disappointment ?
Written by : hamizashuhada on Friday, 18 December 2015 | 07:29 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum, hi.

December is about to end, kan ? I have always loved December. Not only because my birthday is on December. But something good will always happen to me on December. But I guess, not for this year. I dont know, 2015's december is disappointing.

So yah, 2 days before my birthday we went to Penang for a vacation ( me + my family ) and I have to say that that was the only good thing that happened to me this month. Yah, of course birthday wishes from my friends count too. I had such a great days at Penang and just when I got back to Shah Alam, tadaaa the bad luck begins.

Yesterday my third semester final examination results were out. I was super nervous because I remembered lepas habis jawab paper Macroeconomics last month Anis & me went crazy in our room hahaha. Kitorang koyakkan paper tu into small pieces and threw it all over the room. It was all due to the frustration we had sebab paper tu tough sangat. We almost cried lol. So, kitorang memang takut gila nak check result and kitorang dah janji takkan check result sampai memasing dah ready. Tapi biasalah, bila buka Twitter apa semua  cakap pasal result siapa boleh tahan kan? Due to the urge of nak tahu sangat result, kitorang pun beranikan diri nak check.

And alhamdulillah both of us pass with flying colors again. But I still feel disappointed. I know a lot of other people out there yang hoping to get into Dean's List jugak. And the fact that I still on the right track and still maintained my pointer, I'm grateful for that. Its just that I am disappointed that I couldn't achieve my target. I mean, yah there will be people feeling annoyed and saying that I am ungrateful. But hey, do you ever heard of this word - target - expectation.

Ya ya, I am sorry that semalam I meroyan kat Twitter about my result, they must feel very annoyed kan ? Sorry, I couldnt help it. I was verrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy disappointed. I am mad at my self. I know I can do better than that. But tulah orang kata rezeki kan. Dah setakat tu je rezeki aku, so aku terima dengan hati yang terbuka. ( Although it hurts, so much huhu )

And there's no one I could put the blame on because it was definitely my fault. I should have work harder if I want to get a better grades. Now that I think about it again, aku rasa I need to focus more on studies, more than I did before and cut off all unnecessary things from my mind. I really have to sebab untuk semester 4 ni I definitely want to get a better grade. Siapa je nak stay kat satu tahap for forever kan ?

I am indeed grateful for my result. Thats something I have to clarify because I dont want people to assume that I am one little ungrateful girl.

And now, I strive for 4 flat. Yes, I have to work hard to get 4 flat for my 4th semester. I have and I will, inshaallah. Please please sesiapa tampar aku kalau aku lalai lagi sem depan. I want to get 4 flat so bad huhu.

I guess thats all for today. I'm sorry for this annoying post. Till then, assalamualaikum !

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