Healing trip ; Cameron highlands
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DATE ; December 18 - 20, 2016.

A ( short ) healing trip with the family is what I am looking forward to every December. Last year December we went to Penang, and this time we decided to go to Cameron Highlands. There's no particular reason, wait maybe there was ;

1. Mama wanted to go and see the places she've been to during her childhood - yes, mama grew up there.
2. Because its cool & chill up there ?

                                                                 FIRST DAY

Outfit for the first day ( loving the room's mirror so I took lotssss of mirror selfie there, lol )

Cimi asking for ( more ) food
VENUE ; I dont remember the name of this place but its like a hipster food court lol

Grilled chicken chop ; RM 8 

The loves of my life <3


#OOTD ( in front of the same mirror, again )

 featuring little bae

Bae playing around for the whole day, he had fun , we had fun ( although there were times he acted up and being annoying )

Got this cutie @ RM 6 ( plus green tea inside )


Last day - matching the dark purple lipstick with the outfits

wanna buy these babies so bad :( but I didnt

This one caught my attention, this is love.

picture snapped in the rain, why not ?

Even though it was just a really short vacation, I really had so much fun ! I mean, I super love the weather, scenery, flowers, strawberries, roads, cute cafes, the mirror in my room ( lol ). Would love to visit again, ( although it would be my nth times going there if I did )

Next year is the Visit Pahang year right ? So what are you waiting for ? Visit Cameron Highlands even you might have went there countless times, there's nothing to lose, really. Bye !

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